Associate of Science in General Studies

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On-Demand Online Associate’s Degree With FlexCourse

City University of Seattle’s FlexCourse format allows you the flexibility to earn your degree while continuing to work. This format allows you to engage online in a one-on-one relationship with your faculty member who supports your journey with activities and resources specific to your needs.

The program is offered with the end in mind – each class is offered one at a time, moving you sequentially through the required courses while building your knowledge and skills throughout. This allows you to focus on your learning – and of course graduation!

Why an Associate’s Degree?

In today’s competitive workplace, the number of jobs requiring some level of higher education is growing more rapidly than those that do not, and earning your Associate’s degree is your first step towards increasing your career options. Earning your degree provides employers with verifiable documentation of what you can bring to an organization –communication, reasoning, and analytical skills.

Long term goal a bachelor’s? An Associate’s degree can document your progress on your resume. It lets potential employers know that you can set and achieve a goal. And it can help you move up in your career by taking advantage of new employment opportunities while still working on your bachelor’s degree.

Why General Studies?

A General Studies degree sets the foundation for a variety of career trajectories or educational paths. How ever you use your degree, you will learn to think critically, analyze data, and solve problems creatively. In addition, the carefully focused course of study, helps you to fulfill traditional university requirements for your bachelor’s degree while meeting your specific goals for of earning your first college degree.

The program is designed with 25-credit block personal selection option:

  • Select the Management option and gain valuable skills you can apply to your organization.
  • Select the elective option and begin preparation for your Bachelor’s degree in applied psychology, criminal justice administration, or technology by taking program pre-requisite classes.
    • Note: This option involves 10 week courses that will be charged at our regular tuition rate.
  • Select the transfer credit option and apply the credits you have already earned through prior college courses, military training, corporate training articulated via one of our many partners, or credits earned via the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) or DANTES.

Course Requirements

Each course is a total of five weeks in length, organized around short daily engagement and weekly summation of learning activities. Flex when you learn – on the bus, in the lunch room, before work, after work… the locations and times are up to you.

Foundation Courses

OR 105 – Student Success (5)
ENG 100 – College Ready/Writing (5)
ENG 101 – English Composition I (5)
ENG 102 – English Composition II (5)
HUM 105 – Intro to Critical Thinking (5)
MATH 107 – Math Reasoning and its Application (5)

Major Courses

SSC 107 – Intro to International Studies (5)
SSC 108 – Intro to American Government (5)
SOC 101 – Intro to Sociology (5)
SCI 201 – Human Nutrition (5)
SCI 215 – Environmental Science (5)
MATH 110 – Intro to Statistics and Data (5)
AS 295 – Capstone (5)

Choose One (25 credits)

Option 1: Management

MG 150 – Intro to Organizational Theory-Behavior (5)
SSC 220 – Principles of Micro-Economics (5)
MG 175 – Information Tech for Managers (5)
MK 205 – Intro to Marketing (5)
MG 201 – Intro to Functions of Management (5)

Option 2: Electives

Student course choice at CityU or in transfer
or combination of both (25)

Tuition and Fees

OR 100 has no tuition charged; all other courses listed above in the FlexCourse format are $625 per course, and tuition for each course is due by the 20th of the month prior to the individual course start.

  • Note: Electives chosen in the 10 week format will be charged at our regular tuition rate.

Fees associated with the program include the $50 application fee (if applicable), a $53 lab and electronic resource fee for any Math courses, and a $100 Final Degree Audit Fee. Some courses will require the purchase of textbooks. A full list of University fees (transcripts, prior learning fees) may be found in the General Catalog.